Int. Conference 1997

7th International Conference on Laser Anemometry - Advances and Applications’, University of Karlsruhe

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Final Conference Program 1997

SUNDAY, September 7, 1997, Conference Building

17.00-19.00 Registration

MONDAY, September 8, 1997, Lecture Hall A

9.00 Welcoming Remarks


9.20 Session 1: Novel Techniques, I
Chairman: A. Leder
9.20 H. Müller, D. Dopheide
Directional 2 Watt LDA System Applying MOPA Lasers
9.40 M. Renken, W. Staude
Measurement of Spatio-Temporal Vorticity Correlations in a Turbulent Channel Flow Using Laser Speckle Strophometry
10.00 V. Strunck, T. Kisters, D. Dopheide
Dual Forward Reference Scatter LDA Probe with High Spatial Resolution Uses a Backscatter Configuration
Coffee Break


11.00 Session 2: Novel Techniques, II
Chairman: D. Dopheide
11.00 N. Nakatani
Measurement of the Flow Velocity Distribution of Gases by the Laser Photothermal Effect with a Differential Interferometer
11.20 R.I. Crickmore
The Laser Doppler Hydrophone: Theoretical and Experimental Studies
11.40 R. Kramer, H. Müller, B. Mickan, D. Dopheide
LDA Extension for the Measurement of Radial Velocity Components in Piping Configurations
12.00 I. Shimizu, F. Kato, Y. Shibata, S. Arakawa
Developmental Research on the Technique Automatically and Rapidly Making Hologram Used for the Measurement of Velocities in Flow
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 3: Laser Doppler Anemometry, I
Chairman: C. Tropea
14.00 L. Lading, S. Frandsen, L. Kristensen
Control of Wind Turbines by Laser Anemometry
14.20 J. Czarske, K. Plamann, H. Zellmer, A. Tünnermann, H. Müller
Novel Powerful Achromatic Laser Doppler Anemometer Using a Diode-Pumped Double-Clad Fiber Laser
14.40 J. Immohr, W. Beyer, C. Egbers, H.J. Rath
Study on Suited Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) Measuring Systems for Fluid Flow Experiments in the Fluid Science Lab (FSL)
15.00 J. Czarske, O. Dölle, I. Freitag, H. Welling, H. Müller
Optimized Two-Component Directional Laser Doppler Velocimeter Using a Chirp Frequency Modulated Powerful Nd:YAG Miniature Ring Laser
Coffee Break


15.40 Session 4: Laser Doppler Anemometry, II
Chairman: L. Lading
15.40 S. Damp
Velocity Sign and 'Nearly'-Two-Component Measuring with the Miniature-LDA
16.00 H. Többen, H. Müller, D. Dopheide
Brillouin-LDA with Multimode 1064 nm Pump Laser
16.20 P. Lehmann, A. Schöne
Estimation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Laser Doppler Signals
16.40 D.B. Hann, S.H. Jack, C.A. Greated, B.S. Rinkevichius, V.A. Grechikhin, A.V.Tolkachev, A.V. Stephanov
Laser Doppler Measurements in Complex Sound Fields
17.00 End of Session
18.30 Opening Reception


MONDAY, September 8, 1997, Lecture Hall B

14.00 Session 5: Internal Flows, I
Chairman: R. Karlsson
14.00 C.J. Bates, F.Z. Sierra-Espinosa, T. O'Doherty
A Comparison of PIV and LDA Measurements in the Separated Region at the Branch Exit from a 90 Degree Tee Junction
14.20 H. Rosskamp, M. Willmann, S. Wittig
Three-Dimensional LDV Measurements in Combination with Visualization Techniques in an Annular Model Vaporizer Duct with Swirling Flow
14.40 S.M. Fraser, M.Z. Abdullah
Experimental Investigation of an Improved Cyclone Dust Separator
15.00 B.N. Semenov
Joint Use of Laser Anemometry in a Flow & Measurements on Compliant Wall
Coffee Break


15.40 Session 6: Internal Flows, II
Chairman: J. T. Turner
15.40 G. Paal, J. Angster, W. Garen, A. Miklos
Application of Laser Techniques to Flows in Flue Organ Pipes
16.00 G. Pitcher
Velocity Measurements in a Micro Channel with and without Cavitation under Transient Pressure Conditions
16.20 Y. Tang, C. Li, Y. Liao, D. Luo
LDA Measurements on the Transition to Turbulence in a Horizontal Pipe Flow
16.40 K. Kuhn, R.H. Logar, T. Dum, G. Wigley
High Reynolds Number Water Flow Through a T-Junction with and without Flow Division under Cavitating and Non-Cavitating Conditions
17.00 End of Session
18.30 Opening Reception


TUESDAY, September 9, 1997, Lecture Hall A

9.00 Session 7: Combustion and Reacting Flows, I
Chairman: S. M. Fraser
9.00 A. Aroussi, S.J. Pickering, S.J. Tarr
Entrainment by Isothermal Burner Flows
9.20 M. Brandt, A. Hoeren, D. Eckert, H. Krämer, M. Ridder, V. Sick
A Laser-Based Study of Kerosine Evaporation and Mixing in a Premix Duct for Gas Turbines at Elevated Pressure
9.40 S.P. Gogineni, J. Estevadeordal, H. Meng, L. Goss
Investigation of Jet Diffusion Flames Using Holographic Flow Visualization (HFV) and Holographic PIV (HPIV) Techniques
10.00 J. Klingmann, B. Johansson, G. Josefsson
Laminar and Turbulent Flame Velocity Measurements in a Lean Stationary Premixed Methane/Air Flame
Coffee Break


11.00 Session 8: Combustion and Reacting Flows, II / Rotating and Reciprocating Machinery, I
Chairman: G. Wigley
11.00 E.J. Stevens, K.N.C. Bray
Particle Image Velocimetry Study of Stagnation Point Flames
11.20 M.G. Thomas, J.R. Dawson, N. Syred, A.J. Griffiths
Characteristics of a Gas Fired Cyclone Combustor to Simulate Solid Fuel Combustor Aerodynamics
11.40 J.J. Derksen, R.J.M.van Heijningen, H.E.A.van den Akker
PIV Experiments in the Turbulent Impeller Region of a Stirred Tank
12.00 S.L. van den Heuvel, A.A. van Steenhoven, R.S.G. Baert
Three-Dimensional Calculations and Laser Velocimetry Validation of Steady-State Port-Valve-Cylinder Flows
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 9: Rotating and Reciprocating Machinery, II
Chairman: K. Dullenkopf
14.00 R. Jakoby, D.J. Maeng, S. Kim, S. Wittig
3D LDA-Measurements in Rotating Turbine Disk Systems
14.20 R.D. Flack, L.D. Whitehead
Unsteady Velocities at the Pump-Turbine Interface of an Automotive Torque Converter
14.40 W.T. Lai, D.C. Bjorkquist, J. Stefanini
Investigations of Flows in Rotating Machinery Using Particle Image Velocimetry
15.00 T. Scheffler, H. Siekmann
Multi Segment DPIV Measurements in a Single Blade Pump
Coffee Break


15.40 Session 10: Rotating and Reciprocating Machinery, III
Chairman: B. Lehmann
15.40 D. Stahlecker, G. Csikos, G. Gyarmathy
An Evaluation Strategy of Laser Doppler Velocimetry Systems for High Subsonic Radial Compressors
16.00 F. Kost, C. Kapteijn
Application of Laser-Two-Focus Velocimetry to Transonic Turbine Flows
16.20 End of Session
17.20 Departure from university campus via conference hotels to Bad Herrenalb (Black Forest)


TUESDAY, September 9, 1997, Lecture Hall B

9.20 Session 11: Signal Processing, I
Chairman: H. J. Pfeifer
9.20 Y. Cheng
Study on the Dynamic Performance of Signal Processors in LDA Systems
9.40 V.L. Kononenko
Optical Mechanisms of Doppler Line Splitting from a Single Large Particle
10.00 P. Saarenrinne, S. Soini, H. Ihalainen, O. Kaleva
Turbulence Spectral Power Density Estimation for Laser Doppler Anemometer Measurements in a Mixing Tank Flowfield
Coffee Break


11.00 Session 12: Signal Processing, II
Chairman: P. Buchhave
11.00 C. Swales, P. Gjelstrup
Experimental Evaluation of the Adaptive Burst Length Processing Option
11.20 E. Müller, H. Nobach, C. Tropea
Efficient Estimation of Power Spectral Density from Laser Doppler Anemometer Data
11.40 H.R.E. van Maanen
A Novel Re-Sampling Technique for Randomly Sampled LDA Data
12.00 Z. Zhang, K. Eisele
On the Broadening of the Flow Turbulence due to Fringe Distortion in LDA Measurement Volumes
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 13: Signal Processing, III / Miscellaneous Techniques, I
Chairman: N. Nakatani
14.00 N. Semidetnov
Local Laser Velocimetry of Single Particles: Application of Equivalent Detector Concept for Mathematical Signal Modelling
14.20 A.Tolkachev, N.Gagina, V. Grechikhin, O. Evtikhieva, B. Rinkevichius A. Stepanov
Experimental Research of LDA Signals from a Large Particle
14.40 D. Petrak
Fibreoptical Flowmeter for Water Pipe Flows
15.00 I. Roehle, R. Schodl
Applications of Three Dimensional Doppler Global Velocimetry to Turbo Machinery and Wind Tunnel Flows
Coffee Break


15.40 Session 14: Miscellaneous Techniques, II
Chairman: P. J. de Groot
15.40 N.A. Shatokhina, B.S. Rinkevichius, T.T. Sultanov, V.A. Zubov
Using Speckle Interferometry for the Analysis of the Refractive Index Gradient Distribution in Fluid and Gas Flows
16.00 B. Ruck
A LDA-Based Measuring System for Aerodynamic Particle Diameters
16.20 D. Neuhaus
Explosive Generation of Particle Clouds for Laser Anemometry
16.40 End of Session
17.20 Departure from university campus via conference hotels to Bad Herrenalb (Black Forest)


WEDNESDAY, September 10, 1997, Lecture Hall A

9.00 Session 15: PIV, I
Chairman: A. Cenedese
9.00 Ch. Brücker
High-Speed Video: An Upcoming Chance for Time-Resolved 3-D Velocimetry based on Light-Sheet Tomography
9.20 A. Lecuona, J.D. Mellado, P.A. Rodriguez, P.A. Sosa
Implementation of the Spring Method in P.I.V.
9.40 L. Gui, W. Merzkirch
A Fast Mask Technique for the Phase-Separated Evaluation of Two Phase PIV Recordings
10.00 C. Freek, J.M.M. Sousa, W. Hentschel, W. Merzkirch
Digital Image Compression PIV, a Tool for IC-Engine Research
Coffee Break


11.00 Session 16: PIV, II
Chairman: Ch. Brücker
11.00 A. Cenedese, M. Moroni, P. Viotti
Velocity Field in a Porous Medium by Means of Stereoscopic Particle Tracking Velocimetry
11.20 W. Xiong, W. Merzkirch
DPIV Experiments on Turbulent Pipe Flow
11.40 J.I. Nogueira, A. Lecuona, P.A. Rodriguez, U. Ruiz-Rivas
On the Design of Some PIV Postprocessing Filters
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 17: PIV & PTA / Free Flows, I
Chairman: S. Damp
14.00 E.P. Fabry
Holographic Recording, Reconstruction and Analysis Corrections of a Laser Sheet for 3D PIV
14.20 C. Rothlübbers, M. Knaak , T. Scheffler, A. Ziemann, R. Orgelmeister
Particle Tracking Velocimetry Flow Field Evaluation based on a Hopfield Neural Network
14.40 J.T. Allen, R.J. Bettis
Valid Data Abstraction from LDA Measurements in Two-Phase Flashing Propane Releases
15.00 A. Aroussi, B.E. Ashton, C. Eastwick
Behaviour of Two Counter-Rotating Swirling Jets
Coffee Break


15.40 Session 18: Free Flows, II
Chairman: C. Berner
15.40 R.F. Huang, C.L. Lin
Shear-Layer Vortex Shedding of Recirculation Wake Flushed by a Central Jet
16.00 M.S. Kim, D. Geropp
LDV Measurements in the Near Wake behind a Half Ellipse Close to a Stationary and a Moving Wall
16.20 A.S. Al-Sudane, J.T. Turner
LDA and Laser Sheet Measurements in an Excited Turbulent Jet
16.40 P.L. Nixon, J.T. Turner
Use of Pulsed Laser Sheet and PIV to Study an Aerodynamically Excited Turbulent Jet
17.00 End of Session
18.30 Conference Dinner


WEDNESDAY, September 10, 1997, Lecture Hall B

11.00 Session 19: Environmental Flows
Chairman: J. Donat
11.00 A. Aroussi, A. Khamis, B.R. Clayton, I. Grant
The Passive Removal of Contaminant Gases from Large Voids
11.20 D.B. Hann, C.A. Greated, P. Davies
The Measurement of Post-Breaking Turbulence for Analysis of Mixing in a Diapycnal Fluid
11.40 J. Reuber, P.M. Schröder, J. Köngeter
Physical and Numerical Simulation of Transient Flow in a Cylindrical Combined Sewer Overflow
12.00 B. Ruck, W. Lieff
Wind Tunnel Simulation of Shelterbelt Performance
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 20: Biomedical Flows, I
Chairman: S. Einav
14.00 Ch. Brücker, M.L. Riethmüller
Separation Induced Resonance Effects in Multiple Bifurcations:
Study in a Model of the Lung Airways by DPIV
14.20 V.L. Kononenko, J.K. Shimkus
Regular Line Structure of Laser Doppler Electrophoresis Spectra due to Size-Mobility Correlation in Polydisperse Systems of Large Particles
14.40 D.W. Liepsch, W.E. Stehbens, A. Poll, H. Ehrhardt
Vibrational Activity of Blood Vessel Walls in Experimental Arteriovenous Fistulae of Rabbits
15.00 K.I. Park, Ch. Brücker, W. Limberg
Experimental Study of Velocity Fields in a Model of Human Nasal Cavity by DPIV
Coffee Break


15.40 Session 21: Biomedical Flows, II
Chairman: D. Liepsch
15.40 N.J. Quinlan, R.W. Ainsworth, B.J. Bellhouse, R.J. Manners, S.J. Thorpe
Application of Doppler Global Velocimetry to Supersonic Gas-Particle Flows in Drug Delivery
16.00 A. Ramuzat, M.L. Riethmüller
Application of 2D Laser Doppler Velocimetry to Biomedical Flows - Experimental Investigations of Flows Within Lung Bifurcations
16.20 J. Seki, Y. Sasaki, T. Oyama, J. Yamanoto
Blood Flow Pulsation in the Brain Pial Microvessels in Rats Measured by Fiber-Optic LDA Microscope
16.40 M. Singh, B. Prakash
Analysis of Curvature and Gravity Effects from Images of Blood Flow Through Curved Glass Capillaries by Axial Tomographic and Image Velocimetry Techniques
17.00 End of Session
18.30 Conference Dinner


THURSDAY, September 11, 1997, Lecture Hall A

9.00 Session 22: Phase Doppler Anemometry
Chairman: D. Petrak
9.00 U. Dierks, K. Bauckhage, Th. Wriedt
Deconvolution Technique for Reducing the Gaussian Beam Effects in PDA
9.20 H. Bech, A. Leder
Numerical Analysis of Light Scattering by Spherical Particles Crossing the Beam of Laser Diodes
9.40 P. Lehmann, E.H. Schombacher, T. Wriedt
Determination of Droplet Accelerations, Oscillations, and Non-Sphericities by Phase Doppler Anemometry
10.00 M. Mitschke, T. Evers, T. Wriedt, K. Bauckhage
Standard PDA for Inhomogeneous Particles
Coffee Break


11.00 Session 23: Particles in Flows and Sprays, I
Chairman: B. R. Clayton
11.00 S.H. Zaidi, M.J.H. Simmons, B.J. Azzopardi
Measurement of Drop Sizes in Vertical Liquid/Liquid Flows
11.20 A.R. Evseev, V.A. Orlov, G.A. Ryabov
Measurement of Velocity and Concentration of Particles in Circulating Fluidized Bed by Differential Doppler Anemometer with Fiber Optics
11.40 M.G.D. Fokke, V.H.F. Kleijn, J.J. Derksen, H.E.A. van den Akker
Laser Doppler Experiments on a High Speed Gas-Particle Jet from a Venturi Nozzle
12.00 I. Gillandt, T. Schulze, U. Fritsching, K. Bauckhage
Adaption of a Phase Doppler Anemometry System for Simultaneous Measurement of Continuous and Dispersed Phase in a Two Phase Jet
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 24: Particles in Flows and Sprays, II
Chairman: G. Schulte
14.00 T. Hädrich
Measurements of Turbulent Spectra of Particle-Laden Flows under Various Conditions
14.20 K. Simmons, A. Aroussi, S.J. Pickering, B.R. Clayton
Removal of Particulates from a Hot Gas Stream
14.40 A. Taniere, P. Boulet, B. Oesterle
Analysis of Laser Doppler Anemometer Measurements: Saltation Effects in the Behaviour of Solid Particles
15.00 End of Session
15.20 Closing Remarks
End of Conference

THURSDAY, September 11, 1997, Lecture Hall B

9.00 Session 25: Aerodynamics
Chairman: A. Leder
9.00 C. Cuerno, R. Martinez-Val, A. Pérez
Experimental Diagnosis of the Flow around a Naca 0012 Airfoil with Simulated Ice
9.20 K. Eisele, Z. Zhang, J. Wildi, K. Müller
The Application of a Particle Tracking Velocimetry System with a High Speed Video Camera on Racing Cars
9.40 A. Foster, C. Swales
Application of 3-Component LDA and CFD to Refrigerated Cabinet Flows
10.00 B. Ruck, M. Roth
The Flow Field and Pressure Distribution around Pyramids
Coffee Break


11.00 Session 26: Boundary Layer and Shear Flows, I
Chairman: I. G. Currie
11.00 C. Böhm, P. Wulf, C. Egbers, H.J. Rath
LDV- and PIV-Measurements on the Dynamics in Spherical Couette Flow
11.20 A. Elsäßer, W. Samenfink, J. Ebner, K. Dullenkopf, S. Wittig
Dynamics of Shear-driven Liquid Films
11.40 D.G. Mac Manus, J.A. Eaton, R.V. Barrett, C. Swales
Three-Dimensional LDV and CFD Studies of the Flow Fields Induced by Suction Through HLFC Perforations
12.00 R.M. Eustace, R.V. Barrett
Use of Three-Dimensional Laser Doppler Anemometry in the Investigation of Boundary Layer Relaminarisation by Suction Through Micro-Perforated Surfaces
Lunch Break


14.00 Session 27: Boundary Layer and Shear Flows, II
Chairman: C. Greated
14.00 U. Ullum, J.J. Schmidt, P.S. Larsen, D.R. McCluskey
Temporal Evolution of the Perturbed and Unperturbed Flow Field Behind a Fence: PIV Analysis and Comparison with LDA Data
14.20 C. Swales
High Frequency Boundary Layer Velocity Measurements with a 3-Component LDA
14.40 M.J. Tummers, A.R. Starke, R.A.W.M. Henkes, D.M. Passchier
Effects of Pressure Gradients on the Near Wake of a Flat Plate
15.00 W.S.J. Uijttewaal, J. Tukker
Characterisation of Quasi 2-D Structures in Free-Surface Turbulence with Lateral Shear
15.20 End of Session
15.20 Closing Remarks
End of Conference